Contractors and home owners that have worked with Next Generation know the difference.  Next Generation is not your typical door company.  We have over 30 years of experience in doors, construction, architectural engineering, service, installation and sales.  We look at the entire project to see what we can do to minimize costs while still providing the best products.  We never over sell and we never get under bid.

Services that we provide:

Prebid Project Planning and Specification Writing
Next Generation will meet with you or your architect prior to the bidding process to ensure that the products specified are correct for this application.

Building Design and Layout
We always take the time to look ahead to the finished product.  Taking the time to talk to the end users and asking the correct questions.  Traffic patterns, usage, environmental conditions and energy conservation are just some of the things that we are considering.

New Construction - Project Management
Once the project has started we will work with the site supervisor to ensure that everything is going according to plan.  This prevents costly mistakes for both the contractor and client.

Value Engineering
Sometimes project bids come in over budget.  When this happens Next Generation can help you trim the fat where necessary without compromising quality.

Once all products have been field verified and the scope has been reviewed we will order all of the products.  We ship most of our products direct to the job site.  Next Generation will be there to off load all of the products and our experienced crews will begin installing that same day.  With fewer hands touching the products we dramatically reduce damage and lead times.

Service and Scheduled Maintenance
Next Generation doesn't run away from our installation.  We proudly put our name and 24 hour service number on each product we install.  if something fails simply call our service department and they will take care of you.  We also provide affordable scheduled preventative maintenance.  This is a great way to protect your initial investment and ensure that it will provide you with years of hassle free operation.
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